Why Do You Do What You Do?


I was listening to Tony Robbins, one of my favorite speakers and I would like to share this powerful video, it's only 21  minutes. In it he addresses WHY we do what we do.  Listen carefully, and learn what your hierarchy of needs is. All human beings have these same needs, they are just in a different order.


1. Certainty

2. Significance

3. Connection

4. Love

5. Growth

6. Contribution

I'll give you a tip.... for most of us the healing need is contribution. Listen carefully and learn more about what makes YOU tick. 


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How To Deal With Judgemental People

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Have you ever known someone who loves to judge and criticize ideas, things and people? I bet we all have, but the key is to remember that you are NOT on this earth to satisfy the expectations of others. You are here to live YOUR life.. and to do so with integrity, tolerance and love. 

I used to have a neighbor who was a very sweet looking lady but all she could do was to criticize everything I ever did. When I bought a second hand car that happened to be brown she said.. "Why you buy that? The color look like shit".  Back then, it was all I could afford and buying a car on my own at 17 was a HUGE goal for me. All I could do, was to cry and then I would fantasize that someday I would blindfolded her with dental floss.

Don't give the NAYsayers any energy.


Just realize that they are only projecting their own misery onto others. They have lost faith in their own power to change their lives. When they see that you don't care about their opinion.. you are taking back your personal power. Keep doing what you do, stay on track and don't let these psychic vampires rob you of your dream. 


If others don't pay your bills and if they aren't a contributing factor to your growth.. just ignore them and delete them.  Delete them from your life, from your FB and focus on YOU!.

A dear friend of taught me a powerful trick to deflect the energy of others. Visualize yourself putting on a bodysuit made of silver paint. Psychologically, this exercise reminds you to let things bounce off you. If someone is having negative thoughts towards you, that negativity just bounces off you and goes back to them. And by the flipside those who  are having kind thoughts and energy towards you recieve that same warmth projected onto them a boomerang. 

P.S. Choose complete FREEDOM






Does Manifestation Really Work?


Are you still denying the secret?

So many people seem to be stuck in an existence of stress, depression, financial oppression and worst of all they have stopped believing in themselves.  Regardless of where you are in life you can do .... be.. or achieve ANYTHING you want.  

Listen to how this guy went from drinking himself into a drunken state of stupor to becoming a powerful change agent. 

I'm sure you'll understand that whatever your reality is.. it's only MOMENTARY. Feel free to share this video .. perhaps it will give them hope and strength.

P.S. Have you heard about this new & improved secret? 

What Is Perfect Timing???


Today I wish to share a video with you that has really struck a chord with me, as I'm sure it will impact you as well.

It's so true so many times in life, we become paralyzed be it by fear, laziness, insecurity or lack of confidence. We sometimes tell ourselves that "SOME" day we'll do xyz. 

But what is Perfect Timing?

Will the time ever be right for us to truly take action? I'd like to share this very moving video that has got me feeling grateful for the power that we as human beings possess. It's only 6 minutes, but I can assure you that it will impact you for a very long time. 

If you've decided that NOW is your time to create a new life.. you'll really love this.

How To Be Grateful



Here is a super quick video I made about Gratitude and the power it has to help us change our mindset and subsequently our lives.  


What are you grateful for today?


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